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Learn Bahasa Indonesia with Qori is a Qori project which is started in 2012 on Youtube. This web page is a place to put his works in teaching Bahasa Indonesia online and also for updating new learning material. Please send your response, critique, suggestion about my project via mail qoreader@gmail.com  You can also contribute for this page development and feel free to donate via Paypal (qorianisme@yahoo.co.id) I am always working this project for free. But you can give me some encouragement to keep this project on.


Personal Web (ID) : http://www.qorisme.com
Personal Web (EN) : http://www.qoreader.com
My Online Store : http://www.banjarmarket.com
My Netlabel : http://sbaws.blogspot.com
Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/qoreader/

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