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[Material] #18 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Auxiliary Verb

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Auxiliary Verb

Auxiliary means “Kata Bantu” In Bahasa Indonesia. Not like English, Auxiliary in Bahasa Indonesia are fewer because word similarity. This auxiliary word list in Bahasa Indonesia:

-          Bisa (Can/Could) for
-          Boleh (May/Might)
-          Perlu (Need)
-          Harus - Seharusnya(Must/Should/have to/Ought to)
-          Akan (Will/shall)

There is no “to be” in Kata Bantu. So, we have some words  to remember in making a sentence with auxiliary verb in it. And there are no past forms in each words, they are same.Tthis is all examples for the auxiliaries:
First: Bisa
-          Positive: Saya bisa pergi ke sekolah (I can go to the school school)
-          Past: Saya dulu bisa pergi ke sekolah (I could go to the school)
-          Negative: Saya tidak bisa pergi kesekolah (I can’t go to the school)
-          Interrogative: Bisakah saya pergi ke sekolah? (Can I go to the school)

Second: Boleh
-          Positive: Saya boleh menulis (I may to write)
-          Past: Saya dulu boleh menulis (I might to write)
-          Negative: Saya tidak boleh menulis (I may not to write)
-          Interrogative: Bolehkah saya menulis (May I to write?)

Third: Perlu
-          Positive: Saya perlu membaca (I need to read)
-          Negative:  Saya tidak perlu membaca (I don’t need to read)
-          Interrogative: Perlukah saya membaca? (Need I to read?)
*Note: there is no past form in this auxiliary.

Fourth:  Harus
-          Positive: Saya harus pergi (I must to go/ I should go / I have to go / I ought to go) No differences.
-          Negative:  Saya tidak harus pergi (I must not to go)
-          Interrogative: Haruskah saya pergi? (Must I to go?)

Fifth: Akan
-          Saya akan pergi (I will go / I shall go)
*Note: This one has past form.
-          Saya dulu akan pergi (I would go)
-          Negative:  Saya tidak akan pergi (I will not go)
-          Interrogative: Akankah saya pergi? (Will I go?)

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