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[Material] #17 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Comparison

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Comparison

To compare something, we can use Comparison. In Bahasa Indonesia means Perbandingan, below there are three type of comparion which is similar like English:

1) Biasa/Positive
2) Lebih/comparative
3) Paling /Superlative

There is no “regular” and “irregular”  in the comparison sentence making. So, in Bahasa Indonesia, there two words to make comparison:

LEBIH –More/er: lebih –for- Comparative
PALING – Most/est: paling –for- Superlative

And “Positive”. Its simple sentence with adjective in it, we have learn about this one in the previous video.  Remember, for making comparison sentence, we need the adjective.

For example:

           Saya besar (I am big)      Its positive/biasa
           Saya lebih besar (I am bigger) Its Comparative
           Saya paling besar (I am biggest) Its superlative

Another example, we use “than/daripada”:

           Buku itu kecil (That book is small)
           Buku itu lebih kecil daripada Koran (That book is smaller than the newspaper)
              Buku itu paling kecil daripada Koran (That book is smallest than the newspaper)

For addition, you can use “ter” affixes, to make Suparlative sentence, its same with “paling”, Its mostly related with Compound.

               Buku terkecil di kelas (The smallest book in the class)
               Orang terbesar di dunia (The biggest people in the world)

The conclusion, remember, if you want to make a comparison sentence, you can remember these two words “lebih” for comparative, “paling” for superlative.

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