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[Material] #16 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Basic Preposition

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Basic Preposition

There are so many preposition in Bahasa Indonesia, but in this tutorial I show you the most used Preposition that is so basic, as usual I give you text version below.

In Bahasa Indonesia, all of the Prepositions are simple to understand and they are ease to pronounce:

Here are three basic Prepositions:

1) Di (At, on, in) to show the position
2) Ke (To) to show the place / location
3) Pada  (At, on, in) to show the time

1) Di is used for telling the object position, ex:
    Saya di kamar (I am in/at/on the room)

    There are another prepostions which show the particular position such:
    Diatas (Above) , Dibawah (Under) , Di depan (in front), Di belakang (behind), ditengah (in the middle), Disamping (besides), didalam (inside), di luar (Outside)

2) Ke is used for telling the moving object, ex:
    Saya telah pergi ke kamar (I went to the room)
    And there also another prepositions which show the particular postion such:

    Ke atas (Upward), Ke bawah (Downward), Ke depan (forward), Ke belakang (Backward), ke tengah (to the middle), ke samping (sideward), kedalam (into), ke luar (off)

3) Pada, in this context “Pada” is used to show the time, there are another usages of using pada, but we just tell about time context only, ex:

    Saya telah pergi kekamar pada pagi hari (I went to the room in the morning)

Its simple to use “pada”, as long as you know the adverb times such: Pagi hari (in the morning), Siang hari (In the noon), Sore (In the afternoon), Malam hari (In the night) and etcetera.

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