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[Material] #15 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Does To Be Exist?

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Does To Be Exist?
Basically, there is no "To Be" thing in Bahasa Indonesia, but in this video. I show my thought about "To Be" in Bahasa Indonesia, for your learning enrichment. This is discussable.

This is an example if “to be” being translated in Bahasa Indonesia in the context of positive sentence:

In Singular: Qori adalah seorang murid (Qori is a student)
In Plura: Mereka adalah guru-guru (They are teachers)

    adalah means “is/are” and we can remove it to make the sentence to be more simple:

In Singular: Qori seorang murid (Qori [is] a student)
In Plural: Mereka guru-guru (They [are] teachers)

And this is negative sentence form:

In Singular: Qori adalah bukan seorang murid (Qori is not a student)
In Plural: Mereka adalah bukan  guru-guru (They are not teachers)

Both are correct but hard to say...

And then what it its interogative sentence form, we can use “apakah” to make a question sentence:

In Singular: Apakah Qori seorang murid? (Is Qori a student?)
In Plural: Apakah mereka guru-guru? (Are they teachers?)

Addition: If you want to make a sentence in the past form, we use “dulu” as “to be” , ex:

In Singular: Qori dulu seorang murid (Qori was a student)
In Plural: Mereka dulu guru-guru (They were teachers)

My conclusion based on personal opinion:

To be doesnt really exist in Bahasa Indonesia

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