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[Material] #14 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Adjective

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Adjective

Adjective is Kata Sifat in Bahasa Indonesia, its used to desribe an object (obviously), here I want to discuss adjective in Indonesian generally.

Kecil : Small
Besar: Big
Muda: Young
Tua: Old
            Murah: Cheap
Mahal: Expensive
Lambat: Slow
Cepat: Fast

For making adjective sentence, we need an auxiliary that called: “yang” for example:
This is simple sentence without adjective:
-         Orang itu sedang membaca sebuah buku.
How to add adjective word in that sentence?
Please look this sentence:
-         Orang yang kecil itu sedang membaca sebuah buku yang besar.

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