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[Material] #13 Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Singular and Plural

Bahasa Indonesia Video Lesson: Singular and Plural

Yeah, Bahasa Indonesia has singular and plural theory too, but dont worry. Its not complex because in this video. I show you two example of Singular and Plural in Bahasa Indonesia.

In Indonesian, there is an auxiliary in singular noun. For example: Seorang, Seekor, Sebuah, etc.

Seorang is used in peoples: for example: Seorang murid, seorang guru, seorang turis, etc.
Seekor is used in animals: for example: Seekor kucing, Seekor Anjing, Seekor binatang. Etc.
Sebuah is used in things or stuffs: for example: Sebuah buku, Sebuah Pensil. Etc.

And there are many other auxiliaries, such as “ sebiji, sepotong, selembar, etc.”

But, just take it easy, usually, seorang, seekor, and sebuah is commonly used in many words.             
And, what about Plural? In Indonesian, there are two ways to make a singular tobe a plural:

1.      Adding “beberapa”
For example: beberapa murid, beberapa kucing, beberapa buku 

2.      Repeating the word:
For example: Murid-murid, kucing-kucing, buku-buku.

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